How To Make Wire Wrapped Jewelry

Most girls like to have a lot of jewelry on hand. They want to match it to their outfits and use different colors. and making wire wrapped jewelry is not as difficult as it sounds, and once you get used to the technique, you can make many different styles of jewelry.
All you really need to begin is a length of thin wire, a set of needle nose pliers, and a package of fish hook earring forms made especially for pierced ears. Buy the latter item at a craft store. You can also purchase a ready made set of earrings from a discount store, and remove and replace the jewelry that is already on it.
Purchase beading of any color to slide onto your wire. Make sure the wire is thin enough to string the beads onto it. Bend the wire into various shapes, such as a circle, a square, a triangle, or a curly shape. Add beads to the wire as you bend it. End off with a tiny hook shape and hang your creation on the eyelet that is at the end of the fish hook form. To avoid an ear infection, only use crafting fish hooks designed especially for pierced ears.
Once you have learned the technique for making wire wrapped jewelry earrings, you can hook several shapes together to make a necklace. Choose a stainless steel or plastic coated wire in that case, for the best results against your skin.